Vivid Rememberance


I remember vividly my first time being with another guy and having him cum in my mouth! We met online and after a couple of months emailing each other we set up a time and place to meet. I waited at the meeting place and got nervous when the time passed. Eventually he showed up. We shook hands and decided where to leave my car.  I got into his car and he drove around for a while. Probably to see how we got along etc. Finally we went to his house.


I sat on the couch and he asked if I’d like to watch some porn. I said sure. He put on the porn movie. I was expecting it to be of guys having sex with each other but it was the normal heterosexual porn. He kept doing things in the kitchen and coming back and forth. Finally he sat down on the couch. We watched it together for about 10 minutes or so. Then he asked what I wanted to do. I told him I wanted to suck him. He told me to come on over then.


He pulled down his windbreakers. His cock was very hard! Throbbingly hard. I took it into my hand and immediately got hard as a rock myself. His cock had an upward bend to it. It was about 7 inches long and average thickness. I began kissing and stroking him. He tasted good and smelled equally as good.


This was my first time sucking a cock let alone stroking one or even looking at another guy’s cock. I sucked him like I would like to be sucked. It wasn’t long and he began to moan louder and louder and his hips were bucking upwards as I sucked him deeply into my mouth and got his cock really wet with my mouth!


He began spewing and moaning and groaning. I tasted and gulped his creamy sperm down like no other. I couldn’t get enough!!! Afterwards he asked me if I was sure I had never done this before. Of course I hadn’t. So I guess I must be good at it. I truly loved it. I wish we could get back together again.

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