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Kelly and her husband Shawn actually grew up together in the same neighborhood. Kelly and Shawn are happily married and have been together for 18 yrs and counting.  Kelly was really open sexually when she was younger and lost her virginity at a very YOUNG age!  When Shawn & she got together, Kelly was really Bi-Sexual and explained to him that she never wanted to give that up as she loved nasty xxx sex. He didn’t have any objections to that and before you knew it they were bringing girls into their bedroom to share nasty xxx sex.  They eventually discovered the lifestyle of SWINGING. There are lots of different levels of swinging and she and Shawn are considered the more hardcore type, meaning they fully couple swap and engage in nasty xxx sex.  Kelly knows it’s not for everyone but they truly love each other and have found this incredible way to separate it from sex with other people.  To lay there next to your partner while your getting pounded by a complete stranger is just pure ecstasy. Who hasn’t had the thought of being with someone other then their partner?  They just acted on it!

As the years went by with them engaging with different sexual partners, they found themselves videoing the hot pure sex.  They would watch them and think how this stuff was really great amateur sex and to bad there’s not to much stuff like this online. So that’s how they came up with the idea of sharing their sex lives on their website!  They now have been online since 2006!  Kelly loves sharing their sexual adventures with you, whether it’s her husband and she hooking up with another couple, threesomes with another guy or girl, role playing, or just a good ole bj for hubby. And Kelly absolutely loves facials!!

Kelly’s site differs from others on the web because She is a REAL HOUSEWIFE that LOVES NASTY XXX SEX!  She has a wonderful family and great group of friends.  She loves watching movies, cooking, working out at the gym, running, horses, the beach and ROCK n Roll!  Kelly considers herself pretty normal.  She just happens to bring the camera into their sex lives to share with you all.  Her sex drive is extremely high especially now that she is considered to be in her sexual peak.

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