Black Master – Interracial


New Black Master

By Chrissy

Recently I had a little adventure with a back business executive and I was instantly attracted to him. I hadn’t been married that long to Jack at that point, but we already had an understanding that I could do what I wanted. If you have read my stories, you know I can be a complete slut, so I think I know what I am talking about. Anyway, this guy, Devon, went to the same gym as I. We had talked many times, and spotted for each other. I usually wear some tight, not obscene, but tight stuff, and I knew he liked watching. This one night Jack dropped me off at the gym and was to pick me up later. Well, a bunch of guys I lift with were going out for some drinks and invited me. They all said they would make sure I would get home, so I called Jack and told him I would be home later.

We had a great time at the pub. I had way too much to drink so it was a good thing I wasn’t driving. The guys spent the night hitting on me and I know they were betting on who would take me home. They were all cute and I was loving the attention and occasional touches as we were all still in out gym clothes. For me that was skin tight work out capris, no underwear, sports bra and half tee with sneakers. The guys were in gym shorts and tees with all their muscles exposed. All those muscles and drinks and I was pretty horny. It was a week night, and after 3 hours of drinking it was about 1030 when we all decided to pack it in. After some small talk I had to decide who to give me a lift. I decided on D, and the others were back slapping him and such like I had just agreed to fuck him. Then I got it. I probably had just decided to do just that.

As we headed home Black Master asked if I wanted to see where he lived. I quickly answered yes and we just looked at each other with lust in our eyes. When we got to his place he made me a drink and showed me around. I mentioned I wanted to rinse off and he showed me to the shower when I got there he pulled me into his strong arms and I melted. I sound like some love sick kid huh. I can’t help it, I melt for huge cocks and muscular men, and if they are both, well, they can own me. We quickly stripped and got into the shower. We lathered each other up, hugging and kissing. I dropped down, the shower water hitting me in the head and sucked his hard black cock. I was in luck, as he was well hung and muscular. Black Master pulled me up pushed me back against the shower and started to enter me. I was a little tricky in the water, but the hot water made it even better. In no time at all he had me over the edge. We got out and dried off and stood there admiring each others bodies. He grabbed my hand and led me to his bedroom.
Chrissy and the Black Master

He climbed right on top of me and I guided him inside of me. He was not rough but he could tell I liked it hard as he pounded that big black cock into my cunt. He filled me good and his cock felt like it belonged right there. I had my legs wrapped around his waist and my hands around his neck trying to pull him in deeper and kissing his lips, neck and face. I guess the drinks, his looks and knowing I was off the pill had me extra horny. Now don’t get the wrong idea, I don’t go around fucking unprotected trying to get knocked up. I was off the pill for a month for an antibiotic and the Dr. thought a couple of months off and a change in pills would be good. So it’s not like I am trying to get knocked up, but ask any woman about fucking when you know you are unprotected. It is such a turn on. The idea, the danger of getting knocked up, the taboo of maybe getting knocked up by a black cock. It’s just an incredible rush. I didn’t tell D of course but he was enjoying me all the same. It didn’t take long for him to push me again over the edge. He still didn’t cum. He was incredible.
Chrissy and the Black Master

He slid down my body and slipped his tongue into my on fire twat while his long, muscular arms stretched out and found my breasts. He was twisting my nipples as he slid his tongue along my lips. When he found my clit I exploded again but he wouldn’t stop. I finally begged him to fuck me and cum in me. He slid back up and got into a push up position and began long, slow steady strokes, I craned my head so I could watch his big, black cock slide in and out of my white cunt. I just love watching a big black cock as it goes in and out of me. The contrasts of our skin tones just get me so excited. I love to fuck, but I really love to owned by a big, black cock. He was driving me crazy.

He pulled out and I seemed to just know what he wanted. I got up on my hands and knees and he slowly entered me from behind. I love to fuck like this. I love the feel of someone grabbing me by the waist and sliding in and out of me. I love the feeling of being like a bitch in heat, not making love but fucking. I love the feeling as he massaged my ass cheeks and of course from behind makes ass fucking a natural progression. No ass fucking tonight, that would be next time. He just kept slowly, but strongly fucking me, his hands all over me. He began to fuck harder and I knew I would have his load in my unprotected cunt very soon. As he began to cum he buried his cock deep inside of me and held it there. I ground my ass and cunt back up against him and as I felt his cum I too exploded. So intense, so taboo and so dangerous.

When he pulled out I crawled around to clean him off and he just smiled. He was still rock hard and after I licked for a minute or two, he pushed me back. My legs spread invitingly wide and mentally I yelled ‘ “yes, yes, I have a live one.” I knew I would be adding him to my stable of studs. He slid his cock into me and I moaned again. He really began to work that big baby into me. I was getting quite a work out, but then, that is why I go to a gym, to stay in peak fucking shape, lol. He, of course didn’t know I was unprotected, but I did and I couldn’t wait to fill his hot cum fill my cunt. He put my legs on his shoulders and began to pound me. This is my favorite position with a big and long cock. It enables the guy to get that cock way down deep in my cunt. He had a good cock, and he knew how to use it. He put his hands under my ass for leverage and really went at my cunt. I was screaming in his ear to,” fuck me, fill me, cum in me.” I can be so shameless, which is why I can be such a whore.

I think that is what set him off, my begging, along with my hot cunt. He let out a yell and buried every inch of his big, beautiful, black cock deep in my white cunt. As I felt him fill my unprotected white cunt I too exploded. Being so daring made my orgasm even more intense. He finally put my legs down but stayed inside of me as we continued to caress and kiss. After awhile we both realized we had to get going. We cleaned up, but not my cunt, that was for Jack, and D drove me home. We made plans to meet again soon and he became part of my little circle of 5 guys I liked to party with.

When I walked in the door Jack asked me where I had been. I told him I had been out with some guys from the gym. He asked if I had a good time and I just smiled and said, “why don’t you come over here and eat me.” as I pulled off my tights and tee. The look on his face was priceless as he knew that was my way of saying I had a load of cum in me and he knew I was unprotected. No, I did not get pregnant, and I really did not expect to at that time of the month, but god what a rush. Later I will tell about a gangbang I did where every guy there knew I was unprotected and tried to knock me up. That was an unbelievable night so watch for it. I do not have this on dvd, but if you want to see something very similar, check out my dvd CHK 00010, I think you will like it

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